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FMC Acquires Portion of DuPont Crop Protection Business

Today FMC corporation and DuPont signed an agreement to sell FMC the portion of DuPont’s crop protection business European Commission required DuPont to divest to merge with Dow Chemical Company. FMC will pay DuPont $1.2 billion for the business and DuPont will acquire FMC Health and Nutrition.

Missouri Legislature Passes Regulations for Herbicide Use

Missouri lawmakers have given final approval to a bill increasing a fine for illegally using herbicides that damage other farmers' crops.

The legislation passed the House on Thursday by a 139-18 vote after passing the Senate on Wednesday. It now goes to Gov. Eric Greitens. If it is signed, the legislation will go into effect immediately.

The bill gives the Department of Agriculture more power to fine people who damage other farmers' crops, land, or property by using herbicides not marked for the used purpose.

Dicamba: A Guide to Your Label

About two years. That’s all the time you have to prove to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) you and your neighbors will follow new dicamba formulation label requirements, or the agency could let its approval expire at the end of 2018. “With the possibility of spraying in June and July on lots of additional acres, remember broadleaf plants are very, very sensitive to dicamba,” says Mandy Bish, senior research specialist at the University of Missouri’s weed science program. “It only takes a small amount to injure nontarget plants.

Reducing Drift with Tips and Hoods

Research confirms paths of drift mitigation

Bigger isn’t better, but in this case it’s a whole lot safer. As the spray application industry trends to coarser droplets that offer less coverage but mitigate drift, new field data offers valuable insights into the efficacy of spray tips and hoods. The trial results are particularly timely with three new dicamba herbicides available this year: Engenia, FeXapan and XtendiMax.

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