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Pesticides on the Defense

EPA reviews put popular chemicals under the magnifying glass

Every year, dozens of active ingredients in fungicides, herbicides and insecticides undergo regulatory review and are at risk of being pulled off the market. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviews each registered pesticide at least every 15 years to ensure it still meets the most up-to-date science available. Three common active ingredients planted on millions of acres—pyrethroids, chlorpyrifos and atrazine—are currently under, have recently emerged from review or will be entering the process soon.

EPA Promises 'Back to Basics' Approach

In a meeting with Pennsylvania coal miners at the Harvey Mine in Sycamore, Pa., EPA administrator Scott Pruitt announced the agency’s new Back-to-Basics agenda. This agenda will refocus EPA on its intended mission, siphon off some of its current power to the states and create an environment in which jobs can grow, according to Pruitt.

Bayer/Monsanto Seeking Merger Approval from 30 Countries

With farmer and regulator eyes turned toward the two companies, Bayer and Monsanto technology leads on Thursday repeated their confidence the merger will close by the end of 2017. The companies need approval from regulatory authorities in 30 countries.

“We’ve submitted information to 20 and everything is on track,” said Adrian Percy, head of research and development at Bayer CropScience during a press conference at Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas.

FMC Starts Registration Process for New Active Ingredient

Farmers with corn, soybeans, cereals, canola, peanuts and potatoes could have a new fungicide active ingredient at their fingertips. FMC is working with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency to complete registration for the new active ingredient bixafen.

Got (Corn) Rot?

Farmers are expecting (and rightly so, by most estimates) a record-breaking corn harvest this fall. But many are also harvesting large quantities of something less desirable – a host of ear rots, stalk rots and other diseases.

“Disease pressure was fairly high in a lot of geographies,” says Tom Eickhoff, agronomic systems lead with Monsanto. “We saw a pretty diverse set of diseases set in, too.”

Chasing a Bin-Busting Wheat Crop

Say it IS so, Joe.

In early spring, when Alec Horton stood in the silt loam of his western Kansas wheat fields and saw substantial tillers and muscled heads filling in, he knew the yield could be special. No backing off from fungicides or insecticides - it was time to push and manage for big yields with "Joe," a white wheat variety from the Kansas Wheat Alliance (KWA).

Make the Most of Right Now

Scout your fields and let what you learn drive your marketing decisions

Despite what the weather or markets throw your way, finish this year as strong as you can.

“I like to remind farmers two of their highest returns on investment are scouting and crunching numbers,” says David Widmar, senior research associate at Purdue University. Scouting protects profits. For example, catching northern corn leaf blight early can save up to 30% of your yield.

Bayer/Monsanto Deal Promises 'Clear Benefit' to Farmers, Say Bayer Execs

Top Bayer leaders said Monday that the company’s proposed acquisition of Monsanto offers a “clear benefit” for farmers.

The combined company would be number one in seeds and traits and number one in the crop protection market, according to figures released by Bayer and others in the marketplace. Bayer officials declined to say whether their newly achieved market strength would translate into higher prices for farmers.

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