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Crops Progress Despite Excessive Rain

Despite weeks of downpour, farmers across the U.S. are pushing forward and getting crops in the ground. Corn is 84% planted, just one point behind the five-year average, and soybeans are 53% planted or one point above the five-year average.

“Wet is an understatement,” says Derek Blair, farmer in Marion, Ind. His farm received about 3.5” of rain this weekend alone—and others got more, up to 25” in the past month in some parts of the country. This excessive rain means many farmers are looking at replant or other delays. USDA does not show replant in crop progress reports.

Blame Technology As To Why Farmers Aren't Making Money in 2017

Technology has come a long way in farming. According to Tommy Grisafi, commodity risk management advisor at Advance Trading Inc., it is impacting the farmer’s wallet.

“Technology has, in a way, hurt the producer,” Grisafi says. “It’s taken away the profitability so they’re working equally as hard producing more bushels and getting a lower price.”

Syngenta, ChemChina One Step Closer to Sealing the Deal

Syngenta recently announced the provisional interim results for ChemChina’s acquisition offer. Preliminary numbers show 80.7% of shares tendered and provisional results suggest shareholders approve the deal.  Minimum acceptance rate is 67% of shares to approve the offer and definitive notice of interim results will be announced May 10.

New Nematode Control Option Approved

The Environmental Protection Agency recently approved NemaStrike, by Monsanto for 2018. The product is still pending state approvals, but this marks another step toward getting the product in farmer hands.

NemaStrike will be offered as part of Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions to protect the root zone. The product includes the active ingredient tioxazafen that is said to provide broad-spectrum control of plant parasitic nematodes in corn, soybeans and cotton.

Syngenta Defends GMO Corn as Merger Shifts Blame to China's Door

For farmers like Darrell Stamp, 2013 was a corn crop to forget.

A bumper crop created a glut of corn and depressed prices. Making matters worse, China rejected shipments of U.S. corn because of contamination from unapproved genetically modified corn varieties. Prices had crashed 40 percent by the time Stamp sold his crop.

“It was a terrible payout, and we barely broke even,” said Stamp, whose family has been tilling its 3,000-acre spread in Walnut, Iowa, since 1882. “The market really never came back.”

AgTech Investment is Booming

If it seems to you advanced ag technology is invading farm fields across America, you should see Silicon Valley. Investors have poured more than $10 billion into agtech inventions since 2014, according to AgFunder, an online marketplace tracking the sector.

One thing that has become increasingly clear to many investors:  farmers are key to the process.

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