Make Seed Treatments Last Longer

When you think of stewardship do you remember to keep seed treatments in the conversation? Just like herbicides, the pests controlled by seed treatment could develop resistance if stewardship is ignored—making the treatment’s value shorter lived.

While planting this year be mindful of stewardship by following the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) five step process.

  1. Follow directions on the seed container label
  2. Eliminate weeds prior to planting in and around fields
  3. Minimize dust by considering seed flow lubricants
  4. Be aware of honey bees and hives and communicate with beekeepers
  5. Clean and remove treated seed from equipment used to handle harvested grain

ASTA created an online seed treatment guide you can visit for more information about stewardship.

“It’s important to always follow proper handling procedures to ensure seed treatment solutions result in success for everyone involved, and minimize the risk of exposure to non-targeted organisms,” says ASTA president and CEO Andrew W. LaVigne in a recent news release.



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